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Steam Rooms & 'Waterfall Showers'

Second Floor - Steam Rooms & 'Waterfall' Showers

On the third floor of the Bath-stone cube is a Turkish bath, with four circular glass steam-rooms and a central shower-mist feature. With the outside walls permeated by glass lenses, this will be a unique space, with steam and shafts of natural light creating an amazing atmosphere in which to enjoy Bath's mineral-rich water to its fullest.

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Thermae Bath Spa Facilities

Second Floor

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  • The Steam Rooms
  • Four circular glass pods
  • 'Waterfall' Shower
  • Footbaths
  • Open-air Terrace
  • Solarium
  • Meeting room
  • Overview
    Minerva Bath
    Massage Suite & Exercise Rooms
    Rooftop Thermal Pool
    Steam Rooms & 'Waterfall' Showers
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