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Minerva Bath (Indoor Thermal Pool)

Lower Ground Floor - Minerva Bath with whirlpool and relaxation areas

The indoor thermal pool (Minerva Bath), with water at 35 centigrade, contains neck massage jets, air massage beds and a whirl-pool. Visitors will be able to appreciate the natural therapeutic benefits of Bath's hot springs, as well as the beauty of the architecture, old and new.

From within the free-form pool, bathers can enjoy the contrast of the over-hanging bath-stone cube, supported by four giant columns, and the glass surround which marks the edge of the Beau Street site.

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Thermae Bath Spa Facilities

Lower Ground Floor

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Minerva Bath with whirlpool and relaxation areas
Minerva Bath
Massage Suite & Exercise Rooms
Steam Rooms & "Waterfall" Showers
Rooftop Thermal Pool
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