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How stress affects the body

Not all stress is bad sometimes it motivates us to high achievement and the stress is transmuted into something positive that we can be proud of. Knowing that you have written a good exam or embraced a testng situation and come out with flying colours are examples of stress being transmuted into something good. Nervous excitement before that first bungee jump is soon superceded by elation. So how we react to stress is what counts, if the reaction is one of defaltion and negativity then the stress can have a damaging effect upon our total well-being. Some harness stress for their own ends, claiming they perform best and rise above themselves in stressful situations. It's the detrimental effect of the stress cycle which leads to exhaustion and which needs to be guarded against. So what can we do to lessen the effect of the stress that leads to anxiety as opposed to excitement? Exploring relaxation techniques is a good way to cope with stress. If you find it hard to relax on your own yoga classes or Tai Chi could be your solution.

Exercise is an excellent way to release feeling of stress and agitation. Aerobics, Step, Circuits, Boxercise, Body Conditioning, Cross Training and Bodypump are a great way to divert your thought from stressful issues and get some endorphins floating around your system. Swimming is one of the best all round exercises. Once you make the effort the energy starts to flow. Hypnotherapy is amazingly restful and relaxing and the one to one environment is great to stop your mind dodging back to unwanted stressful thought.

Reflexology, is another such treatment and benefits you in terms of mental relaxation and because the massaging and manipulation of the hands or feet helps the muscles to relax also giving the body a chance to rebalance inself. Aromatherapy oils are great for relaxation (although pregnant women should always get professional advice on which they can use) Tea Tree is anti bacterial, anti viral and anti fungal - so its brilliant for warding off the opportunistic infections which beset the compromised immune systems of the stressed. Jasmine is very uplifting whilst Lavender is good for headaches and insomnia. The best thing about aromatherapy oils is that they have a direct effect on the limbic system in the brain, which triggers endorphins to be released and a feeling of euphoria results. our system and it's well known that it actually aids recovery.

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