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Universal Contour Body Wrap Review

Detox Plan

Enough was enough, this was going to be a challenge and a half. It's taken a long time to get my mind focused on this. Eating less and exercising were not solutions to my problem. Have a highly stressed full-time job, I frequently have no time to eat at work, or if I do, I am too stressed to want to eat. I am lucky if I have one meal a day, although I have had a tendency to "graze" on small quantities of chocolate or biscuits to fight off tiredness. Far from wasting away I've been putting on weight and bloating up. Having no free time for myself to swim, and having had a baby as well as being allergic to yeast have caused the weight to pack on.

Preparing for a body wrap detox

I measured myself first, the results were gloomy! I weighed in this morning at 12 st. 6.5 lbs far too much for someone only 5ft 2in tall. 2nd January 2003 - My efforts to stop looking like a "Portuguese Woman of War" begin:

I booked myself in for a Universal Contour Wrap treatment. Before the treatment there was a health questionnaire which was encouraging because it made me feel cared for.
I was told that the treatment would help eliminate toxins, reduce bloating and improve skin elasticity and tone.

Bandages, which had been soaked in a hot, therapeutic, mud solution for at least two hours were wound around my legs arms and torso; from ankle to neck. They were warm and not at all slimy and I could feel my skin started tingling. Having been wrapped up like an ancient Egyptian I was placed in a plastic track-suit and covered in blankets before being left to relax for an hour.
After the heat in the bandages wore off, I began feeling quite clammy, hence the blankets. By the end on an hour the bandages felt as if they had tightened my rib cage, I felt a little constricted but not unpleasant and I was feeling warm and relaxed.


I felt terrific, when I got home, my circulation felt better and my whole body felt as if it was glowing. The results were not easy to see although my clothes did feel looser.
I grabbed the tape measure and to my delight I had lost 17 1/4 inches. I was told that results can last for three or more weeks and that a healthy diet and drinking plenty of mineral water help to maintain the results.

Costs of the treatment

The treatment cost around 50.00, I'll certainly be trying another body wrap!

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